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iOS Group Messages Show Wrong Contacts After Importing vCard (SOLVED)

Contacts had been moved over via Android > iPhone transfer tool, but were partially lost after iOS automatically upgraded overnight.

There was a mix of some contacts present in Google Account but many were showing as phone number only in Messages.

Exported the vCard file from the old Android phone, attached it to an email, opened the email on the phone and imported/merged the contacts. Everything looked correct in the Phone/Contacts app, but several groups and individual texts in Messages were associated with the wrong contacts.

  • Go to Settings->Messages
  • Scroll down to the header SMS/MMS
  • Uncheck “MMS Messaging”
  • Restart iPhone
  • Go back to “MMS Messaging” and turn it on
ios sms groups incorrect contacts fix

ios sms groups incorrect contacts fix

Opened up Messages again and group messages instantly updated to the correct people and numbers.

Thanks to this page for the fix:

Peplink Balance HA High-Availability Pair Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Here is the upgrade procedure for HA Pair:

1. Disable Sync at Slave (unit #2) unit

2. Remove Slave (unit #2) unit from network

3. Upgrade Slave (unit #2) to new firmware

4. Re-connect Slave (unit #2) unit to network

5. Remove Master (unit #1) from network

6. Upgrade Master (unit #1) to new firmware

7. Re-connect Master (unit #1) back to network

8. Enable Sync at Slave (unit #2)

Replace MK4 / MKIV Jetta Golf rear hatch strut supports

Replacing your rear hatch strut supports requires only a flat head screw driver.

Simply pry off the metal clips, and snap the new part onto the knobs.


Cockpit Recorder iPhone Export File Permissions Issue

After recording videos with an Installous version of Cockpit Recorder, I decided I was ready to purchase the export option.

I backed up all of the videos to my local machine, deleted the app, installed the App Store version, and did the in-app export purchase.

After I moved the videos back the app recognized the videos, but crashed when attempting to export.

The videos are stored in /var/mobile/Applications/randomnumbersandletters(folder with

The videos were all owned by root:mobile

Within that directory I did:

chown -R mobile:mobile .

After that I was able to export videos.  I’m still unable to record new videos.  I think it may be related to the GeneralData.plist file.  I’ll update this when I figure it out, or comment here with the answer and I’ll update the post.

Bought Geocache

roadtrip 2010

iPhone app stuck on “Paused” and iTunes prompting repeatedly for your password?

For the past two days Skype has been stuck since I tried to remove it from my iPhone 3.1.2 with jailbreak.  Usually plugging the phone into the computer and letting it sync with iTunes would resolve this issue but for some reason it kept disconnecting right near the end of the sync process.

I then ssh into my phone and checked the /Applications folder but couldn’t find listed there.  I then looked in /var/mobile/Applications which is a bunch of folders with strings like 71A7E798-AAB8-4D3F-95B6-326E185FC25A.

Rather than spending the next 20 minutes using the CLI to browse these folders I fired up FileZilla to sftp into my phone, and browsed to /var/mobile/Applications and used the nice GUI to look through each folder.

All of the functional apps contained


I eventually found a few of the folders to only contain the following subfolders:


Like any reasonable person I tried to backup the “71A7E798-AAB8-4D3F-95B6-326E185FC25A” style folders before deleting by moving to my local PC but that wasn’t working for some reason.  I still recommend trying it in case you mess anything up.

I removed the ones I found containing only documents, library, and tmp.  I then rebooted my phone and uncle paused Skype was gone.  Magic-ish.


I just ate cinnamon toast crunch with hemp milk.  That is all.

Official Correct Websense Service Shutdown/Stop and Start/Restart Order

I got this list from Websense Tech Support:

Shutdown the Websense services in this order:

“Websense Usage Monitor”
“Websense Reporter Scheduler”
“Websense Log Server”
“Websense Information Service for Explorer”
“Websense Explorer Report Scheduler”
“Websense Logon Agent”
“Websense DC Agent”
“Websense Network Agent”
“Websense Filtering Service”
“Websense User Service”
“Websense Policy Server”
“Websense Policy Broker”
“Websense Policy Database”

Restart in the opposite order.


Worlds creepiest thickest potato chip

My grandfather found this in a bag of Herr’s potato chips today.  At first I thought some bread or a cookie had fallen in the bag.  But after a quick smell test, it is indeed some freakish form of potato.


Photo credit amandoo

Bidding starts at $25.

Verizon FiOS | how to setup remote control to change volume on the set top box (STB)

I plug my FiOS box into a 22″ Acer monitor using an HDMI to DVI cable.  I have an old Boston Acoustic 2.1 computer speaker set that I plug in for sound.  Changing the volume required standing up and walking over to the speakers.  Commercials are approximately 470% louder than regular television programming, so it’s nice to control volume remotely.

Verizon FiOS Philips RC 144 Remote

These instructions are for the Philips RC 144 Remote:

1.  Press and hold the STB key
2.  While holding down STB, press OK
3.  Release both keys, the device keys will blink twice.
4.  Press 9 – 5 – 5, the STB key will blink twice
5.  Press OK

Volume is now setup to change the volume on the Verizon box rather than the TV.

Visit this page if you have another remote or want to download the user manual for your Verizon FiOS remote.

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