This is one of the most useful sites I have stumbled across in months for helping to remember things.

You provide an e-mail address, and your cell phone number to them. Then call a 1-877 number and record a clearly spoken memo for up to 30 seconds. The audio is automatically transcribed to text by a computer and e-mailed to your address. There is also a link to the audio in case there are any errors in the transcript and you want to hear what you originally said.

The service is free. You can login and setup reminders and priorities for your memo’s. They also have the ability to setup contacts and groups for the contacts.

To make this service even better I recommend using e-mail filtering to create a folded dedicated only to Jott messages (or just create a new address).

I haven’t tried it yet, but I believe you can also set it up to automatically blog your memo’s. This would be great for people who do any type of reviews, or just to remind yourself of great entries to write in the future.

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