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Month: August 2008

What we made for dinner when they sprayed us for west nile virus

So the PA DEP is spraying Montgomery, Bucks, and other counties for West Nile tonight and tomorrow night from 8pm-12am.

This was our natural reaction for dinner.

Photosynth hath been released!

Now you can jump inside your photographs in 3D:

Photosynth Blog

Who popped their aluminum water bottle?

Freezer = poof / boom

Who cleaned up the bird off the street in jenkintown?

Peep peep.

Natural Village is back! (as Wild Ginger)

They have all or most of their old vegan menu and have added a sushi bar.

Justa Farms Shopping Center in Huntingdon Valley.

This is the bandaid


Apocalypse orange

We left chad’s amp at doc watson’s pub and since amandoo and I already had ikea plans we offered to pick it up.

We put E85 in her subaru even though the ethanol pump said it was only for flexfuel vehicles.

Then a storm happened upon us. Amandoo spent 500 digital pictures in hopes of capturing lightning (we couldn’t figure out how to make her camera take long exposure shots).

I took a few with my iphone, I’d best describe the color of Philadelphia that day as apocalypse orange. The sky, the buildings, puddles, and pigeons.

Kenmore Elite freezer beeping | battery replacement

My parents’ Kenmore Elite freezer was beeping at them for weeks, displaying a “b” on the LED screen.

I wasn’t able to find much good info on the web about how to replace the battery so I decided to write this short blog.

It needed a new 9v battery which is replaced on the front of the freezer below the door.


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