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Kenmore Elite freezer beeping | battery replacement

My parents’ Kenmore Elite freezer was beeping at them for weeks, displaying a “b” on the LED screen.

I wasn’t able to find much good info on the web about how to replace the battery so I decided to write this short blog.

It needed a new 9v battery which is replaced on the front of the freezer below the door.



  1. You, ROCK !!!!

  2. My freezer has been beeping for over a week driving me nuts with the display of “b” or “6”. Thank you so much for this information. I changed the battery and
    now I have peace once more. Again, thank you!

  3. Thank you so much! I hunted and hunted for the battery compartment….your info much appreciated!

  4. I replaced the battery, but every time I open the freezer door, the battery starts beeping again. What next?

  5. Omg! Thank you do much! This post has been a life saver! That beeping has been getting to me and couldn’t find the ‘now obvious’ battery compartment! I’m extremely appreciative!

  6. Thank you SO much. Our freezer is in our garage, so didn’t have to hear the beeping all the time, but it’s been beeping for at least two years. Walking over and hitting the reset button is just part of my everyday routine now. This is the first place I’ve found useful information. Ours was not on the front, but rather on the left side at the bottom, same little plastic door/cover, about 1″ rectangle. Pryed it open and finally found the battery-hooray! Life saver, thanks!

  7. I too thought the b was a 6 degrees and that my freezer was failing as well. I chill my raw milk in my freezer and it’s critical that it be super cold. Have you considered running for public office? 🙂

    Thank you!

  8. Thank you!

  9. Thank you for your blog about replacing the battery. I’ve had the freezer nine years and don’t remember ever replacing the battery. Nor could I find the users manual. There was still a sticker on the front telling me it needed a nine-volt battery but not where it was. I looked inside and out for the battery location. However not being only two inches tall I never noticed the area below the door where the word “Battery” was printed. Once I read your blog it was an easy matter to replace the battery and stop the incessant beeping.
    I thank you and my family thanks you.😄

  10. Thank you 🙂 very much..

  11. Thanks so much!!!!

  12. Thank you. That has been driving me crazy. Hubby unplugged it and went to sleep and lo and behold the beeping was back. Thank you so much for this post.

  13. Thank you, thank you, we had no idea where it was located. We had a power outage and the durn thing has been beeping ever since. I unplugged it, he and I reset it and ok for awhile. Of course we are out of 9 volt batteries!! Will get one tomorrow and peace shall rein again in our household! Oh, ours was on the lower left hand side.

  14. thank you so much for this post….we had no idea how to stop the beeping and did not realize the 6 was a b….therefore we thought it was broken…thank you so much

  15. Duhhhhh.. we were wondering if the temperature was fluctuating between -3 and 6°…. my wife discovers this blog, and finds out the beeping was due to battery failure, and it needed to be replaced.. we did it, and the 6 went away… then we find out that the 6 was actually b…for battery.. lol. . We had a good laugh about it. . Thank you for this blog. .. lol. .

  16. what happens when you replace battery and the problem still persists

  17. I have replaced the battery a couple of times, actually about every year or two, but this time the alarm did not stop after replacing the battery. What next? No one has answered this question for the previous people who have had the problem persist. Does anyone know? Help.

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