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Verizon FiOS | how to setup remote control to change volume on the set top box (STB)

I plug my FiOS box into a 22″ Acer monitor using an HDMI to DVI cable.  I have an old Boston Acoustic 2.1 computer speaker set that I plug in for sound.  Changing the volume required standing up and walking over to the speakers.  Commercials are approximately 470% louder than regular television programming, so it’s nice to control volume remotely.

Verizon FiOS Philips RC 144 Remote

These instructions are for the Philips RC 144 Remote:

1.  Press and hold the STB key
2.  While holding down STB, press OK
3.  Release both keys, the device keys will blink twice.
4.  Press 9 – 5 – 5, the STB key will blink twice
5.  Press OK

Volume is now setup to change the volume on the Verizon box rather than the TV.

Visit this page if you have another remote or want to download the user manual for your Verizon FiOS remote.


  1. I have a Insignia I-LC26Q1 26″ TV. I recently had FIOS TV installed. (motorola set top box) I cannot find a remote code to use the Verizon supplied remote? This forum seems to know the most of the half dozen I have been to. I have tried all the remote codes I have seen, including doing the search through all 300 possible.

  2. thank god, this freaking rocks! I was about to just wig out on Verizon for this craziness, but cool you saved them an earful.

  3. 20 watts of subwoofer is adequate for computer speakers,i love to use big subwoofers for my computer speaker *,”

  4. Awesome! Thank you!

  5. This worked GREAT!!! Thanks so much for the instructions! I’m now rolling with my old Samsung 22″ LCD and old PC speakers. Looks and sounds great!

  6. thank you so much, I was looking all over for this.

  7. Didn’t work for me either…. didn’t get the double blink after entering 9 5 5. Got a single blink after the 9 and first 5 then solid until after second 5 then 4 flashes and volume still controls TV volume.

  8. Thank you!

  9. Pretty cool but how do you switch it back to normal operation? I have my tv hooked back up and my wife is a little perturbed about the current volume situation.

  10. oops. use 9-0-0 code hehe to reset remote

  11. Exactly, Bob. These instructions do *NOT* work for my FiOS TV remote to switch the volume buttons on the remote back to controlling the STB (top box) rather than controlling the TV. Frustrating.

  12. Thank you so much! I had the same issue using it on my monitor.

  13. This worked for me. However, i want to now disable this function (return to no volume control). How do i do this?

  14. I’m using a computer monitor to watch cable programming coming out of my Verizon FIOS cable box and an old 70’s am/fm radio record player for sound. Needless to say the record player had no remote control. Changing volume required getting off the couch and turning a knob. How inconvenient! These instructions worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

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