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iPhone app stuck on “Paused” and iTunes prompting repeatedly for your password?

For the past two days Skype has been stuck since I tried to remove it from my iPhone 3.1.2 with jailbreak.  Usually plugging the phone into the computer and letting it sync with iTunes would resolve this issue but for some reason it kept disconnecting right near the end of the sync process.

I then ssh into my phone and checked the /Applications folder but couldn’t find listed there.  I then looked in /var/mobile/Applications which is a bunch of folders with strings like 71A7E798-AAB8-4D3F-95B6-326E185FC25A.

Rather than spending the next 20 minutes using the CLI to browse these folders I fired up FileZilla to sftp into my phone, and browsed to /var/mobile/Applications and used the nice GUI to look through each folder.

All of the functional apps contained


I eventually found a few of the folders to only contain the following subfolders:


Like any reasonable person I tried to backup the “71A7E798-AAB8-4D3F-95B6-326E185FC25A” style folders before deleting by moving to my local PC but that wasn’t working for some reason.  I still recommend trying it in case you mess anything up.

I removed the ones I found containing only documents, library, and tmp.  I then rebooted my phone and uncle paused Skype was gone.  Magic-ish.

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  1. For weeks I had been having problems with my iphone 4 skipping to different parts of the song, turns out the new zone alarm needs to be disabled when syncing songs to iphone.

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